Fire Safety Officer III- Fire Lieutenant - #100467

Clemson University

Date: 04/19/2022 22:30 PM

City: Clemson, South Carolina

Salary: $41,777 - $61,344 / year

Contract type: Full Time

Work schedule: Full Day

The FSO- III Lieutenant (NFPA Fire Officer I) serves as a supervising company officer for Fire & Emergency Services personnel and operations. May perform as an Initial Incident Commander until relieved. Assists with daily operation of the department. Performs other duties as assigned.


25% - Essential - Administrative: Supervises subordinate personnel to fulfil the department mission; Delivers Department Training Initiatives. Implements the department shift staffing and response model.
Supervises Fire Safety prevention education and Occupancy Pre-incident Planning Program. Assumes role of the Shift Supervisor in the absence of the incumbent. Maintains EMS certification and medical control sponsorship as required.

25% - Essential - Management: Supervises compliance with required OSHA Programs: Fire Brigade Clearance, Respiratory Protection, Exposure Control Program; Maintains incumbent compliance. Maintains EMS certification and medical control sponsorship as required. Completes individual special projects in a timely manner.

25% - Essential - Supervisory: Supervises data collection, compliance and quality improvement through direct entry and review of records management system entries; Supervises company level incident responses through NIMS-ICS as a company resource leader by developing and implementing tactical plans as designated; May serve Initial Incident Commander as required until relieved.

25% - Essential - Emergency Response: Perform Fire and Emergency Services response operations duties; Develop and maintain cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills proficiency through application, professional development, knowledge of department Standard Operating Guidelines & applicable regulations, training and physical fitness as a firefighter, medical technician, fire safety educator and hazardous material & rescue technician. Assist with training and supervision of subordinate.


Education - High School or Equivalent - and fire prevention or fire-fighting experience.


Education - 1st Associate's Degree - or 90 hours toward a BS/BA

Licenses - Drivers License Class E normal >26,000

Certfications - Current NREMT & SC Paramedic Certification, OSHA Hazardous Materials Technician, Confined Space Rescue Technician certification, and SC Class "E" Drivers License; Incident Safety Officer (SCFA 2150), Preparation for Initial Company Operations (SCFA 2118); FEMA-IS 235, 2002, & 15

Work Exp 5+ years of Sergeant experience at CUFD or equivalent/relevant supervisory experience at a qualified career public safety agency

SC Class "E" driver license, NIMS-ICS 400, NFPA Fire Officer II, current NREMT & SC Advanced EMT certification, Prep for Initial Company Operations ( SCFA 2118 or equivalent) Incident Safety Officer (SCFA 2150 or equivalent), Leadership & Human Relations training, continuous medical control sponsorship by department MCO


Firm Job Knowledge - Firm working knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures and ability to use in varied situations

Supervises Work of Others - Supervises work of others and may offer recommendations for hiring, termination and pay adjustments but does not have responsibility for making these decisions.

No Budget Responsibilities - No fiscal responsibility for the department's budget.


10% - Stand for prolonged period
10% - Sit (stationary position) for prolonged period
10% - Walk or move about
10% - Use hands or feet to operate or handle machinery, equipment, etc
10% - Ascend or descend (i.e. stairs, ladder)
10% - Position self to accomplish task (i.e. stoop, kneel, crawl)
5% - Communicate, converse, give direction, express oneself
10% - Recognize or inspect visually
10% - Move, transport, raise or lower
5% - Extends hands or arms in any direction
5% - Use taste or smell to detect or determine particular flavors or odors
5% - Perceive, observe, clarity of vision

Move, Transport, Raise or Lower 50 lbs


5% - Exposure to heat or cold
5% - Exposure to dust/fumes
5% - Wet or humid
5% - Noise
5% - Mechanical hazards
10% - Chemical hazards
5% - Electrical hazards
5% - Radiant energy hazards
10% - Burn hazards
5% - Overnight Travel
5% - Vibration
15% - Exposure to bio-hazards (i.e. blood, bodily fluids)

20% - Subject to work nights, weekends, holidays, and recall to meet department staffing


Standard Hrs: 53; Expected Salary Range ($ 41,777.00 - $ 61,344.20)


Clemson, SC


May 15, 2022


Clemson University is proud to allow educational equivalency for military technical certifications and trainings that directly relate to the job duties.

South Carolina is making our Veterans a priority for employment in state agencies and institutions.


Clemson University is an AA/EEO employer and does not discriminate against any person or group on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, pregnancy, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status or genetic information. Clemson University is building a culturally diverse faculty and staff committed to working in a multicultural environment and encourages applications from minorities and women.

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