EDUCATION RESEARCH ANALYST 1, 2, or 3 (Data Systems and Users Support) - #390208

State of Louisiana

Date: 08/19/2021 19:00 PM

City: Ventress, Louisiana

Salary: $3,984 - $5,720 / month

Contract type: Full Time

Work schedule: Full Day

Supplemental Information

As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancies may be filled from this recruitment as an Education Research Analyst 1, 2 or 3 depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant.

Education Research Analyst 2 (TS-311) Special Entrance Rate

Hourly: $26.32 - $37.78

Monthly: $4,562 - $6,549

Annually: $54,735 - $78,582

Education Research Analyst 3 (TS-313) – Special Entrance Rate

Hourly: $30.13 - $43.25

Monthly: $5,222 - $7,497

Annually: $62,660 - $89,960

Please refer to the “Job Specifications” tab located at the top of the LA Careers “Current Job Opportunities” page of the Civil Service website for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level.

Office of Assessment, Accountability, and Analytics

Job Focus Areas:

This position is located within the Office of Assessment, Accountability, and Analytics – Data Systems and Users Support section and reports to a classified Education Research Analyst Manager. This position will support the research and analytics functions of various Louisiana Department of Education’s (LDOE) systems including the Student Transcript System (STS) and the Compass Information System (CIS). Additionally, this person will provide analytical support to the users, conduct research and analytics to validate the data in the system for errors during critical collection times, and collaborate with internal program staff to produce data for various reporting needs. Furthermore, the analyst will perform other data tasks critical to the Department.

Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serves as a technical liaison for the Department for Education and recommends new and emerging development strategies, data collection methods and products as it relates to Departmental goals and strategies.
  • Provides technical consulting on data collection and cleansing approaches, procedures, and polices.
  • Manages all aspects of the electronic submissions/collections of these education data information systems.
  • Serves as a technical consultant to various management levels within the Department for various educational, financial, and institutional programs.
  • Extracts and summarizes mission and/or program critical data for information, analysis, verification, and/or interpretation.
  • Distillates data from key databases for use in PC-based software systems as required.
  • Participates in quality assurance reviews of LDE systems, data, and documentation.
  • Works collaboratively with Information Management staff to develop and implement edit checks ensuring better data at the point of entry.
  • Develops and conducts in-service workshop and training programs for LEAs.
  • Completes all other work as assigned by supervisor and/or Division Director.

Preferred Qualifications

The preferred candidate should have the following skills and experience:

  • Strong organization and multitasking skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience working with educational data
  • Teaching and/or training experience
  • Experience in creating technical documents or user guides

Note regarding the advertised pay range: The Education Research Analyst series has an established special entrance rate (SER) that is set above the minimum of the pay range and the advertised minimum. The maximum amounts listed are the maximum salary amounts a person can make at each level over their career and not the maximum amount we are allowed to pay a new hire.

One position is available and it is located in Baton Rouge, LA. The person hired for this position is expected to regularly report to the Baton Rouge office. This position may be filled as a job appointment, probationary new hire, promotion of any permanent classified state employee OR promotion of a permanent classified employee of the Department of Education, Special School District, or the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

You may attach a resume; however only the information listed on the online application will be considered to determine qualification. All education, prior experience, including dates related to education and prior experience MUST be listed on the online application.

To be considered for this position, you are encouraged to attach a copy of your college transcript(s) to your online application, fax to the Department of Education (DOE) Human Resources Office at 225-342-1499 or mail to the DOE Human Resources Office, P. O. Box 94064, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804 by the closing date of this announcement.

This is Announcement #50566902.

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

To apply for this vacancy, click on the “Apply” link above and complete an electronic application, which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.

NOTE: Applicants are responsible for checking the status of their application to determine where they are in the recruitment process. Further status message information is located under the Information section of the Current Job Opportunities page.

*Resumes WILL NOT be accepted in lieu of completed education and experience sections on your application. Applications may be rejected if incomplete.*

For further information about this vacancy contact:

Louisiana Department of Education – Human Resources

PO Box 94064

Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Louisiana is a State as a Model Employer for People with Disabilities.



A master's degree which included a total of twelve graduate semester hours (excluding dissertation hours) in any one or a combination of the following: statistics, educational research, psychometric measurement, research methodology, research design, quantitative business analysis, educational evaluation, program evaluation, qualitative methods, data management, mathematics, or computer science.

Any college hours or degree must be from a school accredited by one of the following regional accrediting bodies: the Middle States Commission on Higher Education; the New England Commission of Higher Education; the Higher Learning Commission; the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities; the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To provide a strategic level of professional research work within the Department of Education.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

Close from a higher-level Education Research Analyst or higher level education job title.

Supervision Exercised:


Location of Work:

Department of Education.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from all other Education Research Analyst positions by performing duties at the entry level.

Differs from all other education job titles by the emphasis being on research work within the agency rather than educational programs.

Examples of Work

Assists senior researchers and/or administrators in order to design, pilot, and/or implement data collections, including such specialized activities as (a) designing sampling schemes, developing/piloting survey instruments, and inputting data to PC or mainframe; (b) analyzing data sets using various statistical software packages, relational or spreadsheet programs; and/or © using qualitative methods to gather and analyze data from observations, focus groups, interviews, and/or other text materials using qualitative software packages.

Under the direction of a senior researcher or administrator, uses original or secondary research to draft research reports for a variety of audiences, including education policy makers and practitioners at the state or local levels; news media; and/or members of the general public.

Presents findings from original research at professional meetings or other functions as assigned.

Works under the direction of a higher level Education Research Analyst or a program administrator in creating and/or managing data sets and databases in accordance with data collection and management procedures set by the Department.

Reviews and verifies data collected by the Department for validity and accuracy, using a variety of analytical and statistical methods.

Assists educators and members of the general public at the school, district and/or state levels in collecting and/or interpreting education data for school improvement and/or other education decision-making purposes

Prepares technical reports on the relationships of various indicators using statistical techniques such as ANOVA, ANCOVA, regression factor analysis, and other emergent methodologies in educational statistics.

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