Forensic Investigator - #440435

West Valley City

Date: 09/15/2021 16:00 PM

City: West Valley City, Utah

Salary: $2,041 - $2,587 / hour

Contract type: Full Time

Work schedule: Full Day


This position will be able to safely and in a timely manner respond to a crime scene and perform basic processing and documentation of evidence.

Prepare evidence for basic laboratory analysis to be performed by trained personnel.

The position of Forensic Investigator I is designed to prepare an individual for advancement to Forensic Investigator II by developing their ability to process and analyze a variety of evidentiary items to be utilized by detectives for criminal investigation or prosecution.

Starting Pay:
$20.41 - $25.87

Health, dental, life insurance, paid time off and holiday pay

Utah Retirement Systems (URS) pension and/or 401(k)

Job Posting Close Date:
Any time after September 28, 2021

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Respond to crime scenes during regular work hours, as well as being available for regularly scheduled “on-call” status.

Willingness to assist when not on a scheduled “on-call” status to respond to major events where on-duty and on-call resources are not adequate.

Appropriately document crime scenes through photography, diagrams and reports to the extent that they could be adequately re-created for investigative or court purposes. This would include, but not be limited to; the location of evidence that is discovered, accurate measurements, crime scene photography, video and digital scanning.

Document, collect and properly book evidence gathered at a crime scene.

Process evidence at a crime scene or in the forensic laboratory for latent prints and biological fluids.

Collect, preserve, and maintain evidence in the forensic laboratory to prevent contamination and properly maintain and document chain of custody.

Prepare chemicals and solutions that are used to process crime scenes and evidence for latent prints and blood enhancement.

Prepare evidence for presentation in court; meet with attorneys, investigators or other law enforcement personnel; testify as an expert in court in relation to investigative work performed.

Collect and maintain ten-print fingerprint records using Live-Scan (or other equipment utilized by West Valley City Police Department) for work related or court ordered individuals.

Be willing and able to attend and complete the Utah Crime Scene Academy, or equivalent level of training.

Be willing and able to operate the Leica Scan Station equipment and diagramming software utilized by the West Valley City Police Department.

Be willing and able to attend and be trained on latent print development and analysis techniques.

Be willing and able to complete Marijuana Leaf Identification and Field Identification and Drug Officer (FIDO) training classes.

Other related duties as assigned.

. Requirements:

Ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with Department Management, Supervisors, Police Officers, and other employees, professional peers, court representatives, and other public safety agencies, and the general public.

Ability to work independently, without direct supervision, at crime scenes and in the laboratory. Must be self-motivated and able to manage a potentially large and diverse case load.

A working knowledge of:

  • Rules of evidence
  • Basic crime scene photography
  • Basic crime scene investigative techniques

Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice (Criminalistics), Forensic Science, or a related field and/or prior experience with a law enforcement crime scene unit or forensic laboratory.

Language Skills

Must be able to effectively communicate in the English language both verbally and in writing.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

Must have a valid driver's license.

Other Qualifications

  • Must be 21 years old
  • Must be able to pass a Law Enforcement Background Investigation

Physical Demands

Ability to physically and effectively perform job duties in the laboratory and at crime scenes. This includes the ability to lift up to forty pounds, work in inclement weather conditions, walk through uneven terrain and occasionally adjust to work nighttime hours, holidays, and weekends without prior notice.

Work Environment

Crime scenes are varied and diverse, including exposure to disagreeable elements such as death scenes, offensive smells, biological hazards, extreme temperatures, and various weather conditions.

Considerable exposure to stressful situations as a result of human tragedy, unpredictable work hours and deadlines associated with managing a case load.

Includes working in a laboratory environment, handling potentially hazardous chemicals and biological fluids.

Must be available for on-call rotation. While on-call must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for crime scene response.

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